Peran Teknologi Informasi dalam Modernisasi Administrasi Publik

Raihan A. Hanasi


  •  Raihan A. Hanasi  Universitas Negeri Gorontalo  Author



Public Administration, Modernization, Technology, Information


This research discusses the role of information technology in modernizing public administration. Information technology has been a key driver in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of public services through automation of administrative processes and e-government systems. In addition, information technology supports transparency and accountability by facilitating public access to information and public services digitally. Data-driven decision-making is also strengthened by information technology, enabling more accurate and evidence-based public policies. However, the implementation of information technology in public administration faces challenges such as data security, the digital divide, and changes in work culture. This research method is a literature study method in which this research is only focused on sources or literature in the form of books and journal articles. The results of this study conclude that the modernization of public administration through information technology offers great potential for improving the quality of public services and more responsive governance. Recommendations include investment in data security, digital divide reduction, staff training, continuous supervision, multi-sectoral collaboration, and innovation development to maximize the benefits of information technology in public administration.



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Peran Teknologi Informasi dalam Modernisasi Administrasi Publik: Raihan A. Hanasi. (2024). JISOSEPOL: Jurnal Ilmu Sosial Ekonomi Dan Politik, 2(1), 64-70.